TCS Partner & Co offer you a fully professional team of experienced drivers for a completely custom-made service.  

Driven car rental

Chauffeur-driven car during business trips

During your occasional or regular business trips, you may need for a chauffeur-driven car for your movements between two appointments or for your transfers to the airport or the station. We know and understand that impressions are always important. That’s why we can have a driver waiting for you after your meeting is finished in a luxurious vehicle.

Have you ever had to wait for a taxi for what seems to be an interminable amount of time? TCS Partner & Co are there to fill in that void! Our chauffeur-driven car service reaches everywhere in Europe and gives you a fully personalised service. We provide an individual contact person, who speaks your language, understands your needs and helps you organise your movements anywhere throughout Europe.

Chauffeur-driven car

Travel together in style!

Away on holiday and want privacy in your car without having the driver interfere with your conversations? Whilst being courteous and professional, our drivers know that if you are away on holiday it’s because you want to spend quality time together as a group/ family. If you want to bond together during your travel that’s fine with us. If you want to have a conversation with the driver that’s also fine. You are the boss and it’s your choice entirely whether you want to engage your driver in conversation.

Whether you are a small group that just needs a car or a large group requiring a minibus with a driver we are here for you to ensure you travel in comfort and style. Just let us know your requirements and we will provide the rest!

Chauffeur-driven car for a group

Rent a chauffeur-driven car for a transfer

Trips can be exhausting and stressful, particularly so if you have to make multiple transfers across Europe. However, with TCS Partner & Co we can have every leg of your journey covered. With our extensive network throughout Europe, crafted through years of development and strategy planning, we can provide you with any mode of transportation anywhere in Europe.

We speak your language

Wherever your trip takes you, your driver will be able to converse with you, understanding where you want to get to and answering any questions you may have. Not only will they speak the language of the land but they will be able to converse in English. This will ensure there are no misunderstandings between yourself and your driver. In fact, you can even benefit from their knowledge of the area as they will know all the places of interest, from the popular to the more intimate, hidden treasures of the area.

Need to get to the train in Paris and get picked up in Brussels with a further leg to somewhere else in Europe? Three legs, three drivers, three cars! Sounds like a headache. But no problem for us. You will be met by a friendly and professional driver every step of the way.

Berlines avec chauffeurs